About Us

The Shelby County Health Department's Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEPP) is a metro health region responsible for the public health emergency preparedness planning and response to protect Shelby County's nearly one million residents. PHEPP also, along with the City of Memphis Emergency Medical Services (EMS), represents ESF-8 at both the city and county Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), when activated. PHEPP is charged with several overarching aspects of response such as coordinating with local hospitals (across four counties) and emergency medical service agencies, building relationships and partnerships with non-governmental organizations (i.e. American Red Cross), and collaborating with the impacted locality to ensure the continuity of essential health care services (i.e. mental health service providers).


There are currently ten full time positions within PHEPP:

Emergency Reponse Coordinator (ERC)

Regional Hospital Coordinator (RHC)

Nurse Educator/Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Coordinator

Regional Epidemiologist

Environmental Epidemiologist

Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Coordinator

Network Technician Specialist

Risk Communication Coordinator

Lab Technologist

Office Coordinator