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The Tennessee Board of Dentistry and Shelby County Health Department (SCHD) have closed the SPT Dental Clinic operated by Alfred Brown, D.D.S, located at 2682 Lamar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38114. An investigation of this clinic has identified practices which might have put patients at risk for blood borne viruses.

In conjunction with a press release, notifications were sent to people identified as patients of this practice. Those who received services from SPT Dental Clinic are strongly recommended to receive tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. To date, there have been no specific infections linked to this practice.

All testing done through the Shelby County Health Department will be free of charge. Services will be offered at the Cawthon Public Health Clinic, 1000 Haynes Street. Confidential test results will be directly shared with patients in 10-14 business days. Former patients of SPT Dental Clinic who reside in Shelby County may elect to use their own physician for testing and have been asked to bring the notification letter with them.

Former patients who reside outside Shelby County have been instructed to contact their physician or local health department to arrange testing.  Information on what HIV and hepatitis tests should be ordered can be found at:

People who are infected may not exhibit any symptoms of the disease for many years, so it is possible patients might have been infected and not know it. Testing is important to educate patients and ensure they receive appropriate medical follow-up.  It is important for people to know testing cannot determine where or how someone was infected. 

Providers who test former patients of SPT Dental Clinic are being asked to report test results to their county or state health department and to specify the test was a result of a notification. 

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